The publication of all the actions of the LIFE+ Environment “ROADTIRE” project with their results is a core action of the project. Through a press and media publicity and awareness campaign, all stakeholders and authorities will have access to information regarding the actions and the results of the project, as well as background information on EOL-tires.

It is important to have an integrated campaign to inform the public as well as the decision makers and the authorities in general. Two approaches are followed in this project:

· Meetings, forums and workshops concerning all the stakeholders and the project beneficiaries, in order to demonstrate an innovative use for recycled rubber from EOL-tires in road construction. This will ultimately foster and facilitate a new and wider market for EOL-tires in construction applications, an achievement which will also help reducing the amount of collected EOL-tires being stockpiled or sent for uses with a higher carbon footprint

· Publications. The development of a brochure containing the projects’ aims and activities will provide further promotion to the programme and will attract target groups to participate in the project’s further activities. It will stress the need for international co-operation in environmental issues, present individual activities of the participating institutions and demonstrate how these issues are integrated into a common networking activity under the financial support of EU. Publications submitted to international journals and/or other international conferences. The project’s brochure will be widely disseminated by ROADTIRE partners and associates during (and after) the project’s implementation.

· Brochures

· Posters

· Media Publications

· TV & Radio Broadcasts




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